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Christmas, Children’s Day, first day of school, the carnival, or maybe a company anniversary…? There are a myriad of occasions to celebrate and organize a family picnic or meeting but oftentimes finding ideas or time to make it all happen are too heavy a lift.


We have been organizing such events for years in every way, shape or form – to fit the company profile, the number of employees and children and the designated budget. In our portfolio you will find both large-scale events in clubs right in downtown Warsaw and small, cozy St. Nicolas’ organized within the company premises. We approach every event individually, with attention to detail so that all the guests are happy. Check out the photo gallery and find out for yourselves!


We organize the following family events:

  • building your employees’ loyalty and commitment
  • creating a company image insofar as respecting your employee’s family members is concerned
  • joy for parents and children
  • classes fostering a good parent-child relation
  • unconventional ideas for fun & games
  • great fun


Organizing a family event for your employees or your clients also serves as a great way to integrate the team without the hassle of sleeping away from home, which often proves problematic for many employees with families. If you’re considering an event away – we can make that happen too.

GIFT PLATFORMS are a perfect solution for companies that have many employees and are often located all over Poland.


When in 2015 one of our key clients invited us to a tender to create a landing page for ordering gifts, we did not think that the poprezenty application would soon be one of our flagship products. Because that’s what happened. From a small, very simple landing page from 2015, where exactly 2,566 toys were ordered, we’ve gone over 10,000 orders for a few large customers in 2021. And we’re not going to stop!


If you want to give it a try – let us know, we’ll provide you with individual code for our demo page.


We divide our gift platforms into two categories:



Which we started with. On a dedicated website, employees log in using an individual access code, and then choose gifts for their children from a prepared catalog. Santa’s team adds a letter from Santa (or the HR department, if you prefer :)), the eco box gets a Christmas accent in the form of a sticker and colored tape, and then Santa’s helpers, dressed in couriers and postmen outfits, deliver gifts to the door. Pure joy.



The aftermath of the gift app. An employer who gives his employee this type of benefit shows commitment to his family life and a willingness to support him. A layette for a baby is a gift for new parents. It includes high-quality products that are practical solutions and a beautiful complement to a baby’s room. As in the case of Christmas Packages, also here, through a dedicated platform, the parent chooses a gift for a new child that he or she orders home.


We can prepare both CHRISTMAS PACKAGES and a LAYETTE FOR BABY without using the platform – please refer to the BOXES tab.



Each of the meetings is devoted to a specific, selected issue
They are run by specialists with many years of experience also in working with parents and children.

Duration: 60 – 120 minutes


Examples of topics covered:


Baby’s dream
Work Life Balace with a toddler
How to become a coach for your child
Conscious Parenting
Teen energy

How to recognize the first signs of depression in a teenager

Consequences of isolation, how to recognize them and how to manage them


Meetings for women returning to work after parental leave.

A series of 3 meetings on finding balance in the new reality, taking care of yourself and your needs when you return to work. The issues of proper preparation for return, organization of work and private life as well as legal issues important for a woman returning after a break are discussed.


Work-life balance

The art of resting

The art of finding motivation and energy every day
How to take care of the hygiene of using digital media


Relief of anxiety

Mental resilience

How to take care of yourself in the face of crisis and threats


Implementation of such a project in the organization:

  • creates a positive image of the employer,
  • increases employee motivation,
  • binds employees with the company,
  • employees feel cared for not only in terms of professional development, but also personal.

How to make sure my child is actively resting and having a great time?

Who’s going to take care of my child during school year breaks in kindergartens while I can’t afford a vacation?


These are the questions that come to parents’ minds when summer or winter breaks are approaching. For companies employing these parents we have developed an offer called “Summer and winter staycation”.


This product is aimed mainly at corporations (although we do co-operate with several smaller companies, where every year there’s at least one group of kids eager to participate in the project). We organize 5-day tours – so-called “weeklong camps” – for children aged 4-12 at a time specified by the company.


Each day we pick up the group from the office building and for the following 8 hours we give them opportunities to see new, interesting places and learn creative, fun games. The children are dropped off at the office when their parents finish work and can then get back home together.


We provide professional care and security. Both our educators and the venues where we take the children hold certificates that guarantee their professionalism.


Every company investing in their employees by taking care of their children’s free time invests in:

  • increased loyalty and commitment of the employees
  • a parents-friendly employer image
  • good employer – employees’ families relations
  • increased attractiveness of non-remuneration motivation package.


We offer you different type of boxes, filled with beautiful and useful equipment or gifts. We work with the best suppliers to provide you with high quality products. We try and find Polish/European brands to work with whenever we can.


Whenever you need a package for your new employees, your team or whole company – we are here to help.



Practically from the beginning of our activity, when organizing family events, we had to choose gifts and prizes for children. Over time, we have partnered with some great suppliers – manufacturers and wholesalers of toys and games. As a result, our offer has become wider and wider every season.

And so for several years, a few months before Christmas, we have been preparing an offer of Christmas packages. Depending on the option chosen by the company, gifts are selected in advance (the same for all children in a given age category), by parents themselves via e-mail orders (in smaller companies) or via a dedicated website – please refer to the gift platforms tab for details.



Layettes for newborns are specially prepared sets for parents expecting a baby. A layette set dedicated to employees of a given company usually consists of a blanket, a body with the company’s logo / slogan and a certificate / congratulatory letter. We work with Polish producers, and the quality of products is something that employees appreciate.



We prepare special welcome boxes for new employees – those that reflect the culture of the organization and its values, encourage further knowledge of the organization, build trust and the joy of starting a new job. The first moments at work are like the first moments of meeting another person – the first impression matters!



Are you planning to return to the office? Do you want to show your employees that you are happy about their return and are wondering how to do it? The Welcome Back Pack is a great way to welcome employees to the office.

Such a package / box can be filled with any products that we deem best suited to the company’s message. We help in composing the right set, also one that will include company branding.


All of the above actions can be branded with the company’s logo or a given project, but we make sure that the products themselves are of the highest quality. Branding a package or a letter to a child is, in our opinion, sufficient in the HR area, and the quality of products is something employees appreciate.

Are you looking for the perfect coach or mentor for your employees?


How will you know when this is the one?

One way to check if you are on the right track is to select those who have appropriate training and competences on their account.

As Femmeritum, we take care of this stage for you.


We work closely with EMCC – EUROPEAN Mentoring & COACHING COUNCIL (click!) – an organization that promotes the highest standards of coaching and mentoring services in accordance with the Global Code of Ethics (click!) of this profession.


The person responsible for coaching, mentoring and support programs, as well as running the processes themselves, is the co-owner of Femmeritum, a member of the EMCC management board in Poland – Paulina Janiak (see LinkedIn profile).


Psychologist, accredited EMCC EIA Practicioner Level Coach and Game Coach certified by Normann Benett Academy, after training Business Coaching Diploma at Price Waterhouse Coopers and Coach Practitioner of Business at Norman Benett Academy.


Contact us and we will delegate the best professionals to you.

Fundacja SHARE THE CARE zajmuje się promowaniem partnerstwa między kobietą a mężczyzną, w tym również w podziale urlopu rodzicielskiego. Przygotowuje polskie społeczeństwo na wdrożenie dyrektywy UE work-life balance nakazującej krajom członkowskim wdrożenie dwumiesięcznego, nietransferowalnego urlopu dla ojców.
Fundacja stworzyła przewodnik dobrych praktyk dla pracodawców na temat dzielenia urlopów rodzicielskich pomiędzy kobiety i mężczyzn.



into your

employees’ lives

with Femmeritum

work / life / balance


Employees are any organization’s greatest strength.

The key to success on today’s competitive market lies in motivating your employees properly.


We advise our clients not only referring to our own knowledge, but also making use of our close contacts with renowned experts and partners, who have gathered experience working for respected companies both on Polish and foreign markets.




work / life / balance

We will help you become the best employer

/ The team

Our team is interdisciplinary, which allows us to combine three important perspectives in the implementation of our projects for clients: employees, including working parents, children and employers. We know the needs of these three groups well and we create solutions that meet them to the maximum extent. We work with a large base of proven animators, educators, trainers and suppliers, but all programs, ideas and projects are born in our Żoliborz office.

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Karolina Andrian

Karolina Andrian

A volcano of energy and ideas, always positive about work and the tasks waiting for her (excluding days when invoices are settled – it’s easy to know when this happens, because then half of the team work from under their desks, and the other half call in sick or work from home ? ). She deals with acquiring new customers and coming up with new products for the company. President of the Share The Care Foundation. Privately, a mother of 3 daughters and a happy owner of a four-legged friend.

Paulina Janiak

Paulina Janiak

Psychologist, ICF Coach and Game Coach certified by Normann Benett Academy, MA from the University of Warsaw. Our private coach, a bit of Karolina’s counterweight, each of her decisions requires an appropriate dose of reflection and analysis. She loves her job and the people who create it. She deals with customer acquisition and company development. Privately, mother of Julia and Jakub, trainer of her pet Goofy and owner of a horse.

Monika Przybylska-Zawisza

Monika Przybylska-Zawisza

Probably the fastest worker in the world. Office master of Excel and udjasting unadjustable graphics. She does not have her specialization, if we had different departments in Femmeritum, she would like to work in each of them for a week so as not to get bored. She started working with us in May 2015. Privately, he loves water, sea, swimming pool and recently also winter swimming. At home she has two sons and bavarian mountain hound waiting for her.

Pola Gontarczyk

Pola Gontarczyk

The artistic soul of our team. A master of decoration, arrangement and Canva. Responsible for most graphic projects, party decorations and all ideas how to make something nice. No wonder, she has an MA in Arts. She has been working with us since May 2015. Each project is equally interesting for her and she is willing to take up any challenge. Rumour is – she makes the best meringue in town. Privately, a mother of 2.

Julia Żułnowska

Julia Żułnowska

Preferably she would only deal with projects for adults under our slogan ​​”Keep the balance in shape”. She loves the organization of picnics, parties and integration trips, she has a head full of ideas for each of those. With Femmeritum since October 2015. Known for her sharp tongue and sitting at events of 26 hours – the captain is the last to leave the ship. In love with her daughter Michalina.

Kamila Szalach

Kamila Szalach

She joined the team in 2017, but the cooperation with Kamila had lasted several good years. She was such a good educator that we decided to keep her. Due to herx scouting background, she is responsible for the day camp programs and event planning. From time to time, she appears as a facilitator herself. Her dance on Mikołajki for Play in 2016 has already gone down in history. She combines work at Femmeritum with raising two daughters and being an owner of Wyspa Dzieci.

Julia Kozioł

Julia Kozioł

For many years, she has worked with Femmeritum on day camps and events, until she finally decided to do her best and joined the team in March 2021. Her scouting experience makes it easy to organize day camps and activities for children. She loves spending time with people who give her energy. Privately, he is interested in the Spanish language and culture and loves to travel; not only to the country of siesta.

Joanna Krzyżanowska

Joanna Krzyżanowska

She joined the team in April 2021. She delighted us with her energy and positive attitude, and then her creativity and openness – supposedly thanks to the scouting background. She has many years of experience as an animator and educator. At Femmeritum she is responsible for layettes and packages. Easily participates in the implementation of other projects. Privately, the owner of an Irish setter named Frodo.

Agata Pazdyka

Agata Pazdyka

Agata has been our client for many years and when we had a full-time job, she did not hesitate to start her adventure with us. Nothing is impossible for her. SHe is always looking for the best solution not only for herself, but also for others. She has experience in running large projects. She is very creative, she has many passions that allow her to create something for others. An interior designer by profession with an original hobby – weaving flower wreaths. Privately, a mother of three children.

Gabriela Sawicka Kalinowska

Gabriela Sawicka Kalinowska

She is an educator, trainer and sociotherapist. A trainer with many workshops for teaching staff and parents of children of all ages. Author of many publications on educational and sociotherapeutic topics. She is the content partner of Femmeritum.

/ About Us

  • We support organizations in implementing solutions in the field of Work – Life Balance and Wellbeing.


  • Our activities cover the phases from the diagnosis of needs, through the appropriate preparation of solutions and products, to the full implementation of the program. Our products are EVERYTHING that can make an employee feel better, that they will feel that the organization cares about their needs.


  • We are a partner in creating custom solutions. You don’t know what to do, what solution to propose? Contact us!

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Femmeritum has been on the market since 2004

we have earned the trust

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