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Employees are any organization’s greatest asset. The key to success on today’s highly competitive market lies in caring for and motivating your employees properly. Financial incentives simply don’t cut it any more, nor do they guarantee retaining your best staff members.


On the other hand, new generations of employees pay substantially more attention to work-life balance than their older colleagues have. They expect their employer to support their pursuit of this balance. It is not uncommon for this criterion to be the deciding factor in their choosing the company they will want to work for.


We design and implement work-life balance programs which are catered to our clients’ organizations’ needs and company structure. We provide comprehensive solutions: from diagnostics, to analyzing needs, to laying the groundwork for the right solutions and products, to full implementation of the program.

/ The team

We have an interdisciplinary team, which translates into reconciling three critical perspectives while carrying out projects for our clients: working parents’, children’s, and employers’. We know very well what each of these groups is after and therefore we are able to design solutions that satisfy their needs to the fullest. We co-operate with an impressively large group of animators, educators, coaches, and suppliers – all with proven track record, however all ideas, projects, and programs are born in our headquarters in Żoliborz.

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Karolina Andrian

Karolina Andrian

A ball of fire and ideas, always with positive attitude to work (except the days she deals with invoices – you could easily tell it’s that day by half the staff working from under their desks while the other half call in sick or choose home office :). Her job is to acquire new clients and come up with new products to broaden our offer. A mom of three, dreaming about a dog.

Paulina Janiak

Paulina Janiak

A psychologist, an ICF coach, a Norman Benett Academy certified game coach, M.A. from University of Warsaw. Our private coach, a kind of ying to Karolina’s yang: every decision of hers entails careful deliberation and thorough analysis. She loves her job and the people who make up the company. Her job is to acquire clients and grow the business. Mom of Julia and Jakub, her pet dog Goofy’s coach.

Julia Kalinowska

Julia Kalinowska

If she could, she’d only deal with projects aimed at adults; she’s true to the motto “Keep the balance in shape” and loves to organize integration trips. Part of the Femmeritum team since October 2015. If we had departments here, she’d most definitely be in the events department. Known for her witty comebacks and staying up for 26 hours straight at events – the captain goes down with the ship.

Pola Gontarczyk

Pola Gontarczyk

A master of decoration, arrangement, and Canva. Responsible for most graphics projects, probably all party decorations and ideas how to make stuff look good. No wonder, she’s a graduate of The Maria Grzegorzewska University, a Master of Arts. She’s worked with us since May 2015. Every project is equally interesting for her and if she could, she’d probably dabble in every company activity. She is said to make the best meringue in the town.

Kinga Łęczycka

Kinga Łęczycka

Yet another ball of fire and ideas, with a positive attitude to virtually everyone. Responsible for most camp / weeklong camp programs, she loves planning events for families and will occasionally go on stage and get the party started herself. She admirably reconciles duties of a mother of two with being a committed worker – even during her maternity leave she didn’t miss regular company meetings to stay up-to-date.

Monika Przybylska-Zawisza

Monika Przybylska-Zawisza

Probably the fastest employee in the world (only in part due to the fact that if she doesn’t do something right away, she’ll most likely forget to do it at all ;)). Excels at Excel and arranging non-arrangeable graphic designers. She doesn’t have her own turf – if we had departments she’d want to work for a week in each one not to get bored. She’s been on board since May 2015.

Kamila Szalach

Kamila Szalach

Femmeritum’s youngest employee, still she’s worked with us a solid couple of years now. She’d always been such a good educator that we decided to keep her for good. Given her girl scout background, she’s responsible for camps / weeklong camps as well as planning events. Just like Kinga, she will also occasionally host events. Her dance during St. Nicolas’ at Play in 2016 made history.

Paula Mirgos

Paula Mirgos

Master of Excel. She’s worked with us since October 2017. Instantly thrown in at the deep end, she knew exactly how to stay afloat and even jump above the surface :)). She delivers in every emergency situation. Cheerful and full of optimism. Although she shines at projects for adults, she’s proved herself more than capable of working with newborns as well.

/ Offer

Christmas, Children’s Day, first day of school, the carnival, or maybe a company anniversary…? There are a myriad of occasions to celebrate and organize a family picnic or meeting but oftentimes finding ideas or time to make it all happen are too heavy a lift. We have been organizing such events for years in every way, shape, or form – to fit the company profile, the number of employees and children, and the designated budget. In our portfolio you will find both large-scale events in clubs right in downtown Warsaw and small, cozy St. Nicolas’ organized within the company premises. We approach every event individually, with attention to detail so that all the guests are happy. Check out the photo gallery and find out for yourselves!


We organize the following family events:

  • building your employees’ loyalty and commitment
  • creating a company image insofar as respecting your employee’s family members is concerned
  • joy for parents and children
  • classes fostering a good parent-child relation
  • unconventional ideas for fun & games
  • great fun


Organizing a family event for your employees or your clients also serves as a great way to integrate the team without the hassle of sleeping away from home, which often proves problematic for many employees with families. If you’re considering an event away – please check out our “Keep the balance in shape” offer.

A company day-care center is a remarkable solution for companies employing a large number of young parents. A day nursery / a kindergarten will let your employees focus on their job in peace. It will also boost their motivation and company loyalty. Additionally, completing such a project reinforces the company image of a young-parents-friendly employer.


We carry out the project comprehensively: from analyzing needs, to cost analysis of the entire investment, to legal advice, to implementation and further running the facility. We help analyze all benefits and risks, we plan all actions as well as methods of measuring the effectiveness of the endeavor. Customizing the scope of day-care center’s functions properly in accord with particular needs and m.o. of the organization is key component of the success of such endeavors. Through meticulous analysis of the organization and estimating various possible implementation scenarios we can guarantee the established day-care facility will benefit the working parents, their children, as well as the employer.


Inspired by verified and working practices in the EU countries we offer the best solutions catered to uniquely fit your company.


We help companies acquire European funding for establishing a company day-care center.


To learn more, make an appointment with one of our consultants.


You can find out more by reading a blog post about one of our case studies – a project for Amica (

In response to our clients’ needs we’ve introduced wellness / well-being programs to our offer.


These are short meetings for the employees, organized on company premises, devoted to a single task:

  • introducing work-life balance,
  • time management,
  • parenting skills,
  • children’s education,
  • challenges of adolescence,
  • nutrition for children,
  • other related to pursuit of WLF and broadly-defined parenting
  • sports classes (yoga, pilates, cross-fit),
  • creativity workshops for employees,
  • health and dietary advice, body composition analysis,
  • and other, according to employees’ interests and company profile.


These meetings are run by professionals with years of experience in working with parents and children. The meeting revolves around interaction, mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences, drawing own conclusions.

We analyze working parents’ needs with regard to most prominent topics of the meetings, we carry out the information and PR campaigns, we run the meetings and recap the entire project.


Carrying out such a project in an organization:

  • creates a positive employer image,
  • boosts employees’ motivation,
  • develops a bond between employees and the company.
  • makes the employees feel like it isn’t just their professional development that is supported, it’s also their personal development.

How to make sure my child is actively resting and having a great time?

Who’s going to take care of my child during school year breaks in kindergartens while I can’t afford a vacation?


These are the questions that come to parents’ minds when summer or winter breaks are approaching. For companies employing these parents we have developed an offer called “Summer and winter staycation”.


This product is aimed mainly at corporations (although we do co-operate with several smaller companies, where every year there’s at least one group of kids eager to participate in the project). We organize 5-day tours – so-called “weeklong camps” – for children aged 4-12 at a time specified by the company.


Each day we pick up the group from the office building and for the following 8 hours we give them opportunities to see new, interesting places and learn creative, fun games. The children are dropped off at the office when their parents finish work and can then get back home together.


We provide professional care and security. Both our educators and the venues where we take the children hold certificates that guarantee their professionalism.


Every company investing in their employees by taking care of their children’s free time invests in:

  • increased loyalty and commitment of the employees
  • a parents-friendly employer image
  • good employer – employees’ families relations
  • increased attractiveness of non-remuneration motivation package.


Learn more about our weeklong camps here (link: and here – from the employers’ perspective (link

Over the years while organizing family events our job was to pick presents and prizes for children. This led to our co-operation with a few great suppliers – producers and wholesalers of toys and games. Year by year, it helped broaden our offer: children rather than all getting the same plush toys instead get interesting and currently trendy toys and gadgets.


However, not all companies organize Christmas parties and those with branches all over the country simply give their employees gifts for children. As a result, at first we ran Christmas yard sales and then we expanded to creating an app to order Christmas gifts. It has now been a few years that we have prepared a Christmas gifts offer a couple of months ahead of Christmas. Depending on the chosen option the gifts are pre-selected (the same gifts for each age category), independently chosen by parents via e-mail orders (smaller companies) or through a dedicated website. The latter solution guarantees that the gifts given by the employer will actually bring joy and satisfaction to the employees’ children.


This gave birth to another, lesser project – the ability to order school starter packs for employees’ children. We co-operate with a leading producer of stationery and office supplies to make sure that the starter packs we prepare will actually serve the children well.


In our offer you will also find a newborn’s starter pack – sets carefully put together for parents expecting a baby.


All of the above actions may carry company or project logos. However, above all we care about product quality. The packaging or the letter to a child in our opinion constitutes sufficient branding in the HR area while quality of products is what the employees really appreciate.


Such projects are also a benefit:

  • family-friendly company image;
  • good employer – employees’ families relations;
  • innovative approach to bonuses;
  • increased attractiveness of non-remuneration motivation package.

Planning and organizing integration trips for companies is always done with these words in our minds – “Keep the balance in shape”. What it means is it is worthwhile to maintain balance between what binds us with our job and what takes place in our private life.


We put this idea into practice by giving employees control over how they spend their time on trips with their colleagues. *Voluntary* participation in certain activities proposed during the trip helps achieve the desired balance.


We start during the planning phase, well before the trip. All workshops, classes, and activities are hand-picked in co-operation with staff members responsible for organizing the event on the client’s behalf. Our choices are determined by employees’ interests, hobby clubs – if they exist, company profile, gender composition of the staff, the theme of the trip, and the number of employees. The schedules and itineraries are put together so that there is enough room for everyone and each person could find something to their taste.


Participants can enlist in the classes using a specially developed app. Participation is entirely voluntary – an employee may just as well not declare participation in any of the proposed activities and enjoy what the hotel, the game zone, or the chill-out zone have to offer. We care about personal liberty and creating a friendly atmosphere.


The benefits:

  • Satisfied, well-rested employees.
  • A consistent company image – of one that promotes work-life balance values.
  • Innovativeness in embarking on new, non-standard projects.
  • Improving the company image from the employees’ point of view.


You can learn more about one of our case studies here (link: )

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work / life / balance


Employees are any organization’s greatest strength.

The key to success on today’s competitive market lies in motivating your employees properly.


We advise our clients not only referring to our own knowledge, but also making use of our close contacts with renowned experts and partners, who have gathered experience working for respected companies both on Polish and foreign markets.



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